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  • Monster-Mini-Golf-Franchise-Opportunity

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    Liquid Capital Required: $200,000

    Monster Mini Golf Franchise Opportunity

    About Us


    Early 2004, while their neighbors slept, Christina & Patrick Vitagliano, a seemingly normal couple, sat at their kitchen table and came up with one of the most “Frightening” Entertainment ideas ever perpetrated on the American People. What if they took the 50 year old proven concept of Mini golf and converted it to indoors? What if they “landscaped” it with a fun and cool Monster decor? What if they added a State-of-the-Art Arcade, a private party room, gift shop and events program? Now… what if they made the whole place Glow-in-the-Dark made it different from any…and we mean ANY, other Mini Golf you’ve ever seen and dedicated the entire facility to the sheer enjoyment of family….FUN? Welcome to Monster Mini Golf.


    Why Us

    Monster Entertainment LLC. has designed an effective and easy-to-use business system for franchisees. As a franchise owner of a Monster Mini Golf, you will receive:

    • Use of the Monster Mini Golf name
    • Access to our proprietary artwork, artists, designs and animated props
    • Corporate purchasing power
    • A marketable brand that appeals to all ages
    • Special effects and furniture specifications
    • Access to qualified, approved vendors

    MMG 03

    Training & Support

    Monster Entertainment LLC. requires all franchisees to participate comprehensive training course that includes both operational training at corporate headquarters and on the job training for actual experience. The initial program focuses on all aspects of the MMG franchise system, comprising both classroom and on-the-job training. Our franchise owners also receive:

    • Unparalleled support from our management office
    • Site selection assistance with expert negotiating skills, interior design consultation
    • Marketing and advertising materials
    • Website development
    • Corporate manuals
    • Ongoing product development

    Ideal Candidate

    MMG 02

    At Monster Entertainment, we look for highly committed and motivated professionals who have the capacity to succeed in running their own business. Candidates must possess a dedication to operations excellence, have the ability to manage, recruit and train key personnel and have the adequate capitalization necessary to finance their investment. As one of the fastest growing family entertainment companies in the nation, our top priority is to provide our valued customers with a fun and engaging experience that will keep them coming back for more. To achieve this, we put our customers at the center of everything we do. Therefore, our ideal candidates must also be thoroughly enthusiastic about serving our clientele in this manner.




    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity