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    Liquid Capital Required: $50,000

    Massage Heights Franchise Opportunity

    There are three different types of franchise opportunities available with Massage Heights.


    • Single Unit – Massage Heights Single Unit License grants an individual or entity the right to own and operate an individual Massage Heights Retreat in an approved business location.

    • Multi Unit – Massage Heights Multi-Unit License grants an individual or entity the right to own and operate multiple Massage Heights Retreats in approved business locations.

    • Master Franchise – Massage Heights Master Franchise License grants an individual or entity the right to assist Massage Heights headquarters in developing a specific exclusive territory. This assistance includes providing hands-on support in recruiting new Massage Heights franchisees, securing new locations, coordinating the Retreat development process and providing local training and pre-opening support to new franchisees. On an ongoing basis, Master Franchisees remain available to support local Franchisees and receive a portion of the total franchise fees and royalties collected in their territory. Master Franchisees must own and operate their own Single Unit Franchise and have adequate capital and resources available to fulfill their responsibilities as Master Franchisees.

    Whether you are interested in developing a single Retreat, multiple Retreats, or an entire territory, Massage Heights has the right opportunity for you.


    So… Why Massage Heights?

    Massage Heights Exterior


    Because, elsewhere a typical one hour massage will cost an average of $60.00 to $80.00. Often, spas and resorts will charge up to $125.00 for the same type of service we offer. At Massage Heights, we provide the opportunity to enjoy the same quality massage services at a fraction of the cost. We are able to provide spa quality service at a reduced rate because of the monthly commitment we have from our members.


    Massage Heights offers a distinguished membership program that allows our members to take advantage of the many benefits of therapeutic massage more frequently. The monthly membership fee is only $49.99* per month and includes one (1) complementary one-hour in-Retreat massage each month with a licensed, professional therapist. Each additional one-hour massage that month is ONLY $39.99*. You can schedule as many sessions as you like and pay the discounted member rate every time. In addition, we offer 1/2 hour and 1 1/2 hour sessions.


    At Massage Heights, each massage you receive decreases the average dollar amount you spend. Of course every time you visit you will receive a professional therapeutic massage by a licensed, experienced therapist, not a student. Massage Heights is not a training facility. We choose only the most reputable therapists in the business. Imagine, all of this in a relaxing atmosphere with calming music, complementary aromatherapy, and uncompromised cleanliness. It’s the same experience you would expect at only a four-star resort, at a fraction of the cost.


    Training & Support


    Massage Heights Waiting Room

    • Comprehensive classroom training program at Massage Heights Base Camp.

    • Hands on field training at your Retreat.

    • Operations manuals

    • Exclusive use of our proven proprietary and confidential training programs, sourcing of approved products, reference manuals, techniques and other materials.

    • Continuing education both in-retreat and classroom.

    • Tools for Success.

    • Use of Massage Heights name, logos and trademarks.

    • Use of our custom engineered software application specifically written to assist you in running an efficient business.

    • Access to proprietary and proven systems and techniques designed to make business ownership simple and efficient.

    • Recruitment and retention strategies for Massage Therapists.

    • Pre-negotiated and discounted vendor rates offered exclusively to Massage Heights Franchises.

    • Specified criteria and direction in selecting your clinic site.

    • Intranet Back Office allows you to stay informed, send and receive email, and post questions and answers in an online forum with other Massage Heights Franchisees.

    • Your own email address at

    • A well managed website that will promote your Massage Heights franchise at an easy to find web address that will post your address, phone number, hours of operation and give directions to and from your Retreat.

    • A Research and Development team working hard to stay ahead of the industry.

    Strong Growth Trends in the Massage Industry


    Massage Heights Massage TablesAccording to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2004 and 2014 the demand for Licensed Massage Therapists will increase 18-26%. That simply means that demand for massage therapy is growing at an explosive rate. Increased interest in massage therapy will mean incredible personal and professional growth as well as opportunities for those skilled in massage therapy. Healthcare providers and medical insurance companies are beginning for the first time to recognize massage therapy as a legitimate treatment and preventative measure for several types of injuries and illnesses alike. In addition, the health care industry is using massage therapy more often as a supplement to conventional medical techniques for ailments such as muscle problems, some sicknesses and diseases, and stress-related health problems. Massage therapy’s growing acceptance as a medical tool, particularly by the medical provider and insurance industries, will greatly increase employment opportunities. Older citizens who are in nursing homes or assisted living homes are also finding benefits from massage, such as increased energy levels and reduced health problems. Demand for massage therapy should grow among older age groups because they increasingly enjoy longer, more active lives and persons age 55 and older are projected to be the most rapidly growing segment of the U.S. population over the next decade; these are the “Baby Boomers” that are now feeling all of the aches and pains of yesteryear. Ironically the demand for massage therapy is presently greatest among young adults because of their conscious levels of health, education and exposure to alternative treatments. They are in fact likely to continue to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy as they age and of course develop loyalty to our brand.


    You see, when you become a Massage Heights Franchisee, you are getting involved in a business that is not a trend or a fad, the customer base is not here today gone tomorrow. You are creating a customer for life that recognizes the health benefits and acknowledges that until now, there has been no leading brand for massage services.


    If you have researched other franchises you have noticed that many of them require that you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, carry enormous inventories and most likely face several competitors in your immediate territory. With a Massage Heights franchise, you will carry little to no inventory, invest a minimal amount of money and be the first in many cases in your market with the concept that everybody’s talking about.


    Are You a Good Fit for a Massage Heights Franchise?


    The relationship between franchisee and franchisor is critical to the long term success of any organization. From our experience, most successful entrepreneurs possess certain qualities that enable them to excel in both life and business. If you are wondering if Massage Heights franchise is right for you, or if you are right for Massage Heights, please fill out the Free Request For Information From The Franchisor.



    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity