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    Liquid Capital Required: $75,000

    Vapor Galleria Franchise Opportunity

    Why we are, and will continue to be, the leader in the Industry


    The Industry Demand


    This industry is not going away, and now is the time to get in on this ground floor opportunity. It continues to grow, and is a multi BILLION dollar a year business.  An industry that according to Wells Fargo Securities is projected to exceed ten billion in sales in just three years. Vapor Galleria is growing because we are the national, premier brand. The market has mainly been underserved by local mom and pop shops. But today’s savvy consumers are demanding a brand like Vapor Galleria in their local market.


    People around the world are choosing the e cigarette as an alternative to smoking, and many are using the device to quit smoking all together. They’re smoke, tar, carbon monoxide and odor free. In addition, a recent policy paper by the American Heart Association has declared that e cigarettes are a better alternative than tobacco cigarettes.


    The popularity of the e cigarette over conventional cigarettes is fast growing and wide spread. Sales have doubled every year since 2008. Bonnie Herzog with Wells Fargo Securities has estimated that e cigarette sales will surpass those of traditional cigarettes by 2023. Due to those numbers, large tobacco corporations have also latched on to the latest technology by buying established e-cigarette stores and providing their own brands.


    Why consider a Vapor Galleria Retail Franchise?


    The Vapor Galleria team has decades of experience in retail business & franchising.  Our franchise model is well organized, structured and we have the proven systems and tools for your success.  We own and operate locations as well, and we manufacture our own e liquids right here in the USA. We will constantly outperform our competition with our strategic growth, our propriety products, and our street-smart approach to marketing. We are the recognized leader in this industry. Franchise growth is the future of the Vapor Galleria brand. Franchisees will play a major role in the success of our brand, and we believe in maintaining strong business relationships with our Franchisees, and offering outstanding support. We are dedicated to helping our Franchisees grow their retail locations, and sustain that growth over the life of their business.


    The design of our retail stores is upscale, professional and focused on the sales and service of high quality e-Liquid and hardware. We manufacture our own products in our white coat, fully automated lab in Oklahoma City. We have an experienced management team, led by our CEO, Ed Williams, who has more than 30 years experience in franchising.


    More Benefits to become a Vapor Galleria Franchisee:


    1. Lower Initial Investment
    2. Ease of Operation
    3. Reduced Labor and Minimal Space Requirements
    4. No Prior Experience Required
    5. Consumer Value and Appeal


    Vapor Galleria Is Committed to Your Success


    Our team will be with you through every step of your franchise opening and ongoing operations.  Here is just some of the support you can count on as a franchisee:


    Vapor Galleria offers extensive training for new franchise owners.


    Our experienced real estate selection process will enable us to assist you in selecting the store location process. Once a lease is signed, we will assist you in the store layout and our team work closely with each owner during the build out process of the store.


    The marketing department assists each owner to develop a high-impact grand opening plan, along with continuous local store marketing.


    On-going operational support is critical to our company’s success so each franchise owner has the assurance that they have a dedicated operations team to ensure they have all the tools and knowledge to operate their business to the best of their ability.


    Why purchase a franchise?


    Purchasing a franchise dramatically increases your odds for success. U.S. Department of Commerce statistics show that less than 5% of new franchise outlets have been discontinued each year since 1971. By contrast 65% of new, independently owned businesses fail within five years. A successful Vapor Galleria franchise is an asset that can increase in value as you grow your business. If you are building your business as an investment, your return on that investment should be significantly greater when you sell it as the nationally recognized retail brand Vapor Galleria, rather than a non-recognizable name shop.


    Our Ideal Candidate & Franchisee Selection Process


    Whether you are a first time business/franchisee owner or an experienced business owner Vapor Galleria may be the right choice for you.  We’re looking for franchise owners who are outgoing with a desire to own their own business and that are financially qualified to do so. The ideal candidate should have management, marketing, sales and business experience or be willing to learn; coupled with a strong work ethic. A potential franchisee must be motivated to excel and ready to make a full-time commitment; particularly if they are interested in opening multiple sites.


    Whether you are seeking a new business venture, a business for sale, an opportunity to expand your existing e cigarette supply business, or simply seeking to gain your independence by building a financial asset for your family, you owe it yourself to consider this niche opportunity.


    We have created a step by step franchise evaluation selection process that will allow you to learn about the industry, and our franchise model, to see if this is the right franchise for you, and if you are right for us.  As you do your due diligence on Vapor Galleria, you will see that we are the premier business model in this growing industry.  We have limited opportunities in each market so we encourage you to complete the request form.




    Vapor Galleria franchisees pay an initial franchise fee of $19,000.   We do have multi unit agreements available.  Fees for subsequent stores are $30,000 respectively.  Individuals typically need a minimum of $75,000 in liquid assets non-borrowed personal resources to qualify for financing thru third-party lending sources; The total cost of each unit varies by size and location.  The average investment per our current Franchise Disclosure Document is $84,800 – $248,600.  Royalty and continuing services fees are 6% of gross sales & Advertising fees are 2%.


    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity