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    Liquid Capital Required: $50,000

    SandFree Floor Refinishing Franchise Opportunity

    At SandFree, we offer a unique and innovative solution to floor refinishing that has been utilized all over the country. If you have the resources, management skills, and drive to succeed, we can help you create a business that you can stand behind with enthusiasm and pride.


    At SandFree, we can make it happen.


    We love working with aspiring business owners to help them achieve their goals.


    SandFree is an innovative service revolutionizing a traditional, established industry. By combining high tech chemical and computer advances, we are changing the industry to deliver a service to the customer that they have demanded – wood refinishing without the traditional inconvenience.


    In doing so, we are increasing the size of the market because customers who would not suffer through the normal dust, odor, and downtime of a floor refinishing are able now able to get their floors refinished and recolored without any dust or odor, while they are living in their house. And it is normally half of the cost of a traditional sanding.



    Why Sandfree?


    • Excellent Services: At SandFree, we’ve created an excellent service for you to get behind. Our five-phase refinishing system lets us quickly and efficiently refinish nearly every kind of flooring – without the need for sanding, odor, dust, or inconvenience.
    • Excellent Profits: SandFree is a true floor refinishing system competitive to sanding, so our prices are based on the sanding price for an area. This means that price could be much lower than we charge.
    • Company Support: SandFree offers partial financing for the initial franchise fee. Our goal is to help get you into business, which is why we offer an array of coaching and assistance as you go.
    • A Massive Industry: Each 500,000-person territory represents approximately 29 million feet of residential floors that will be refinished each year (our presentation will explain the math). This means that you have a ton of opportunities to take advantage of (and that doesn’t include commercial space that may need refinishing.)
    • Scalable Business Models: We offer a business model that is highly scalable, without high overhead costs. If your goal is to grow your operation, you can augment your residential business by obtaining commercial accounts.
    • We were/are a “franchisee” first: Our passion has been the development of the service. We developed SandFree. When we made mistakes, we adjusted the system.  The people who developed SandFree are still with the company.
    • A Dream Opportunity: Millions of people have the dream of owning their own business, but only a fraction of those people actually get the opportunity to.


    Our Support


    • Reliable Training: SandFree’s franchise training is unbeatable. We take into consideration your preferred learning style and teach everything including the SandFree service, coloring, floor repair, estimates, sales, marketing, and how to use the included SandFree computer programs for accounting and customer service.
    • The Latest Technology: We provide a comprehensive data system that lets you to manage every aspect of your business to fit your business model. You’ll have control of your marketing programs, leads, scheduling, estimates, jobs in progress, employees, subcontractors, and finances.
    • Ongoing Support: Support does not end once you are up and running – we play an active role in developing the skill level and commitment of your key employees so your business can scale.
    • Essential Marketing Tools: To help you close customer sales, we provide a variety of local marketing tools that you can access via your laptop or tablet.


    Ready to put our 35+ years of franchising success to work for you?



    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity