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    Liquid Capital Required: $30,000

    Green Home Solutions Franchise Opportunity

    Your Future is GREEN!

    Join The Only Business That Protects The Future for Families, Kids and Pets… Naturally!


    Why Green Home Solutions®? 

    The Category is Hot! 62% of US consumers intend to use GREEN household products or services at least some of the time. Our products are safe, EPA-registered or with natural ingredients, and made in the USA.





    Indoor Services



    Our Mold ultra-fine misting system kills mold using an EPA registered ingredients.
    We also remove inanimate airborne impurities including pet dander, pollen dust mite matter and insect waste using natural and plant based ingredients.



    Our odor fogging system eliminates common household odors including smoke, pet odors, waste, spoiled foods and trash using natural ingredients at the molecular level. We are not a masking agent.


    Outdoor Services



    Our spray controls mosquitoes and other annoying biting flies using natural active ingredients.
    Our product is safe  for beneficial insects like bees and helps plants retain moisture when applied.
    Does not wash off easily with rain. Our programs are designed to match the mosquito breeding cycle.
    We create a control perimeter around and treat within the customer’s property.



    Our spray controls harmful ticks using our natural active ingredients.

    Our programs are designed to match the longer tick breeding and activity cycle.



    Natural garden repellent and ornamental landscaping protector.

    Natural garden spider web repellent.

    Products are safe for families and pets when used as directed and applied according to our protocol.


    Family Friendly work hours let you enjoy life – Naturally!



    Who Is The Ideal Franchise Owner?


    An ideal candidate wants an add-on or full-time business. Experience in the service industry is a plus but this business can be taught to anyone who has the desire to succeed as a business owner. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that your work is helping to preserve the environment for a better future.


    Why Is Our Franchise Concept So Appealing?



    The franchise fee is low and you will not need an expensive lease of store build out. Your money goes toward your business, which ensures a fast startup and return on your investment. The Franchise Fee needed to get started is $9,000 and the Equipment Package is $8,250. In short, the total capital needed is from $24,825 to $71,300. This includes the initial Franchise Fee , Equipment Package, and all that will be needed for the launch of a successful Green Home Solutions franchise.



    Your business could be up and running in as little as 30 days. Your initial training will take place online and at our offices in Plainville, CT. We believe a great plan with great products convinced with low startup costs and a quick start will lead to your success.



    There are many different revenue streams that allow a franchise owner to offer services to its customers to grow your business. Currently, we offer outdoor solutions for mosquito and tick control and indoor solutions for mold and odor. Our e-commerce platform also allows consumers to buy select products directly from us. We continually research anew products that will lead the future in natural, safe, affordable and effective ways.




    You will receive unparalleled marketing support as you grow your Green Home Solutions business. We build our brand awareness at a higher level, so consumers will think of your business more quickly when they need services. From business cards to direct marketing plans and public relations, referral programs to web presence and social media; we will assist you in developing and implementing your local marketing plan.



    You will receive raining from professionals who are experienced in each of the services we offer. Our staff is comprised of scientists, researchers, testers, implementation experts and business professionals that both develop the products and bring them to market for you.

    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity