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    Liquid Capital Required: $200,000

    FIT36 Franchise Opportunity

    Grow Your Portfolio 36 minutes at a Time


    The US fitness industry has been experiencing accelerated growth that’s increasing every year. Get there with FIT36®! We are in the business of changing lives — for clients, communities, and certainly for franchisees. The simple, recurring revenue business model is built for franchise owner who want to hire a manager to run the daily operations so they can focus on the big picture.


    The FIT36® Support Center will help with site selection, marketing, operations, studio openings, additional locations and everything in between. Our team of experts are properly equipped to support the challenges faced by franchisees. Becoming a franchisee with FIT36® allows you to understand your franchise costs and total investment requirements up front. Entering this exciting industry with a clear vision on where to start and where to end up is a great foundation for success.



    What does FIT36® do for a Franchise Owner?


    • Manager-run – keep your day job!
    • Low initial investment – $200,000 liquid capital required
    • Low studio employee count with a simple, service-based business
      • Small footprint (approx.. 2,400 – 3,300 Sq. Ft)
      • Service-based
      • Membership based for recurring revenue
    • High Intensity Interval Training / HIIT is a strong trend in a growing industry
    • Recession resistant — 3% industry growth throughout recession


    What does FIT36® do for clients?


    • High Intensity Interval Training / HIIT provides a superior workout in less time
    • A 36-minute workout is very appealing to our busy demographic
    • A unique, functional workout format that both challenges and energizes
    • Discourages boredom with two-week workout routine intervals
    • The small group setting builds community — “I belong here”
    • Professional and certified trainers on staff
    • Workouts can easily be tailored to many fitness levels

    Whether you are interested in opening a single FIT36® studio or multiple studios, we have developed the plan to support you. We will provide you with the operational tools, business structure an support to run a business in the booming fitness industry.



    Solid Support.


    • Real estate selection, studio design and construction management support
    • Grand opening marketing support
    • Pre-opening marketing support
    • Pre-opening operations assistance
    • Operations manual and training
    • Technology training including heart monitoring system


    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity