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    Liquid Capital Required: $400,000

    Barkefellers Franchise Opportunity



    The Upscale Approach to Pet Care


    Barkefellers is the premier dog and cat hotel that provides award-winning lodging, day care, grooming and training services. At these upscale pet inns, our guests enjoy a host of luxurious amenities including room service, flat screen televisions and expansive indoor and outdoor activity areas.

    Whether it’s for day-to-day or for special occasions, vacations or emergencies, Barkefellers has the accommodations for every need. Pet owners are at ease and value the peace of mind of knowing that their pets are in good hands within a comfortable atmosphere.




    Why the Pet Care Services Industry?


    Pet Care Services Are In Demand!

    The American Pet Products Association reports that total U.S. pet industry expenditures have increased annually for the last twenty years. Estimated sales in the U.S. market for the subset of grooming and lodging services alone rose in 2014 to $4.73 billion – up from $4.4 billion in 2013!  ( This doesn’t even account for doggie day care & obedience training!)

    An overall rise in the number of pets in the US, along with increasing spending per pet are the main factors that will contribute to the pet care industry’s growth in the years ahead.


    Changing Attitudes

    More people are buying more pets than ever, but growth in spending on pet products and services has been spurred on most dramatically by an overall change in attitudes and sentiment toward animals, as the majority of the population now considers their pet to be a member of the family.


    Pampered Pets

    Pet owners now purchase holiday & birthday presents, designer clothes & accessories, spa treatments, personal trainers, doggy day care, and luxury accommodations for their pets. This increased personification of pets has resulted in a massive increase in the number of premium products and services available for our pets!



    Why Barkefellers? 5 Good Reasons:


    1.  You’re choosing a concept within a FAST-GROWING, RECESSION-PROOF INDUSTRY as indulgent pet parents drive increasing demand for premium pet care services. Barkefellers is positioned to capitalize on our customers’ desire to pamper their furry family members and our mission is to make sure they receive the best possible care while staying with us.


    2.  You recognize the advantages of owning and operating FOUR COMPLEMENTARY BUSINESSES (and four revenue) under one roof; Dog & Cat Lodging, Doggy Day Care, Pet Grooming & Obedience Training.


    3.  You inherit the MARKETING & TECHNOLOGICAL EXPERTISE of an established organization and a seasoned team. Our marketing program doesn’t just help you in marketing your individual unit, but also strengthens the Barkefellers brand and promotes the pet care services industry as a whole. With an active social media presence, a user-friendly website and strong search engine optimization (SEO) program, Barkefellers is focused on developing an ever-stronger internet presence and a brand that is highly visible to buyers searching the web.


    4.  You benefit by partnering with experienced, successful Pet Care Professionals who OWN AND OPERATE THEIR OWN CORPORATE STORES. You’ll have access to a team who’ve experienced most every situation you’ll encounter: a lifeline for answers and helpful, practical advice. We ‘taste our own cooking’ and ‘eat, sleep and breathe this business’ each and every day.


    5.  You are TRAINED AND SUPPORTED by a Barkefellers management team whose philosophy is a powerful combination of active support and constant nurturing of their franchisees and affiliates.



    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity