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    Liquid Capital Required: $75,000

    Sub Zero Ice Cream Franchise Opportunity

    Why Sub Zero Ice Cream?


    Sub Zero Ice Cream 03

    The Best Ice Cream Franchise


    Sub Zero Ice Cream considers all franchisees part of the Sub Zero family, so we want to make sure every location is successful. That is why the corporate office is always just a phone call, email, or visit away to help educate you on the Sub Zero opportunity, train you and your employees, and provide continuous corporate support as your store grows.


    Each franchisee has the capability to cater events and perform school presentations. The combination of ice cream and science create a memorable experience for everyone involved in the process. Sub Zero also caters to most allergies and sensitivities. This unique custom-made process can please any customer.


    Here is some of the support we provide franchisees:


    Sub Zero Ice Cream 04

    Marketing and Advertising

    We have a full-time marketing staff that designs professional advertising pieces and in-store promotions, manages all aspects of social media and public relations development, and handles web development to ensure that online presence is always available and professional. This way the Sub Zero brand identity always stays consistent.


    Operational Support

    Sub Zero never wants you to feel uncomfortable with your day-to-day operations, so we are available for operational support 100 percent as your trusted partner and resource through the life of your store.


    Thorough Training

    Sub Zero Ice Cream trainers will make sure that when your restaurant doors open, you are completely prepared to run your store smoothly. Sub Zero is constantly enhancing their training using videos, manuals, and other services, which are available to all franchisees upon production.


    Sub Zero Franchises also has a small investment.


    • Sub Zero franchise fees: $30,000 including mobile, but a traditional or kiosk location is also required
    • Typical start-up cost to open store: $155,000 to $381,000. Our disclosure document details this and breaks down the expenses.
    • Average store size: 1200 sq. feet
    • Franchise royalty fee: 6% of net sales
    • National advertising fee: 2% of net sales


    Sub Zero Ice Cream 02

    The Brand


    Science Couldn’t Taste Better

    Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt’s unique flash freezing process harnesses both science and the culinary arts to create the smoothest, freshest ice cream you’ve ever tasted.


    Smooth and Creamy

    Unlike most ice creams that are whipped full of air and hardened for hours in a freezer, our ice cream is frozen on the spot in 15 seconds or less. This means ice crystals don’t have a chance to grow which results in the smoothest, creamiest ice cream around, even with bases like soy or rice milk!


    Trillions of Flavors – Literally

    Since we have such a large selection of flavors and mix-ins, our customers aren’t limited to 20 or 30 choices — they’re limited to over one trillion. We cater to all dietary restrictions, tastes and preferences since the customer can choose the base, flavors and mix-ins.



    Our fresh ingredients and freezing process make our catering an affordable option since nothing is pre-made. We don’t require electricity so our table or trailer can be set up anywhere!


    Tasty Education

    Our frozen treats are the sweetest science experiments around. We make a huge effort to visit local schools and science programs to show off our crazy chemistry skills and help kids warm up to science!


    Ideal Candidate


    Sub Zero Ice Cream 01

    We’re looking for franchise owners that want to commit to owning and operating multiple stores in the area. This enables the synergy in the community to build a brand locally. Community and customer involvement is paramount. This requires the ability to Lead teams and motivate.


    Sub Zero Ice Cream is an exciting and innovative franchise opportunity. Together, we bring science to our favorite frozen treat so it not only delivers an outstanding product, but also provides an unforgettable experience for your customers.


    Join the best ice cream franchise today!

    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity