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    Liquid Capital Required: $250,000

    1000 Degrees Pizzeria Franchise Opportunity

    1000 Degree Pizzeria is an entirely new concept on an American food favorite that’s capturing the attention of millions! 


    We offer the best tasting pizza in the country, cooked in a 1000 degrees custom Neapolitan Brick Oven and fired to perfection in just 2 minutes.  We offer a “create your own” option that allows our customers to create their own customized hand-tossed Neapolitan (thin crust) or Roman (thick crust) style pizza for one low set price, using the finest cheeses, meats, sauces and veggies available.


    Our customers say, “You had us at first bite!” Once you have tasted our Neapolitan pizza and experienced our brand for yourself, you will agree!



    Pride of Ownership


    Be the first in your area to own a 1000 Degrees Pizzeria and know the pride of ownership. You’re in a class by yourself. You’re taking an American classic that has stood the test of time and making it better than it has ever been before. That’s something people remember and return for again and again.


    You’re not just a business owner with a 1000 Degrees Pizzeria franchise. You’re the owner of the best thing to hit town in years!



    Return on Investment


    Owners of any restaurant know that return on investment hinges on table turnover. People walk out when a restaurant is too full or the wait is too long.


    Most people can wait two minutes for a fresh pizza right out of the oven. In fact, they look forward to seeing it happen! They come for the concept and return for the taste. The 1000 Degrees Pizzeria model makes table turnover a concern of the past. That spells profit for you.



    Unique Pizza Experience


    Time and again, customers tell us they’ve never had a pizza experience like the one they find at 1000 Degrees. That unique experience means two things for the franchise owner. There’s almost no direct competition and people get excited about their experience and tell others.


    Two minutes after placing an order, your piping hot pizza is ready to eat. Rich combinations like baby portabella mushrooms, broccoli rabe, rib-eye beef, pineapple chunks or caramelized Spanish onions are at their peak of flavor when the pizza comes to your table. You can even order any mix of ingredients you want and watch the pie being made before your own eyes.



    Ease of Operation


    If you’ve found something easier to make than a pizza, we want to know about it. But the key is quality.


    The two keys of a quality of a pizza are high quality ingredients and Execution of the bake. We insist on the finest ingredients and teach you how to order them to achieve the right layering. The two-minute bake is virtually impossible to do wrong and brings each ingredient to the height of flavor.


    The ingredients are also easily managed which makes storage, inventory and re-ordering much easier.


    Once you graduate our training program, you’ll see how every detail has been meticulously chosen to make your success as trouble-free as possible.



    Reliable Customers and Repeat Sales


    Americans eat a lot of pizza! And the numbers are climbing while many other franchise types and frozen pizza sales are either in decline or unchanged. There are only about 2 pizzerias per 10,000 people in the US, and 93% of those people eat at least one pizza per month.


    There is probably no more reliable customer base than in the pizza industry. Every day Americans eat 100 acres of pizza or 350 slices per second. Pizzerias are a $46 billion industry!



    Franchisee Support


    We provide full training at our corporate headquarters along with complete guidance and support while you build-out your location. Our operations and marketing teams will guide you through everything necessary to give you the greatest opportunity to succeed beyond your expectations! 


    Our CEO and founder has franchise experience and expertise including launching another successful 20+ store food franchise.


    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity