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    Liquid Capital Required: $150,000

    Rapid Recovery Franchise Opportunity




    An exclusive green business positioned perfectly for today’s market needs! That’s Rapid Recovery!


    Green isn’t new but it’s still one of the fastest growing business segments!  Many companies produce quality green products or on the other end of the spectrum claim to be green because they use recycled napkins or florescent light bulbs —- Rapid Recovery franchisees are the real deal, focused on capturing refrigerants that might otherwise contribute to ozone depletion and global warming.


    Every year Rapid Recovery Franchisees collect billions of pounds of ozone depleting C02 equivalents through the proper recovery of refrigerant coolants used in everything from industrial chillers, residential and commercial HVAC units, refrigerators, transformers and vending machines.


    Unlike many fad green businesses that struggle to change consumer paradigms; recovery of refrigerants is common practice in the HVACR industry and is strictly enforced through aggressive fines from the EPA.  With no true competitor, Rapid Recovery has positioned itself as the only nation-wide recovery company in the United States with locations servicing consumers from coast-to-coast.


    Having developed proprietary equipment allowing our franchise partners to perform jobs from 10X to 15X faster than previously possible, we are strategically positioned to ride the booming need for proper refrigerant recovery.



    Rapid Recovery franchisees receive:


    • Large-Exclusive territories
    • Our complete manual suite including pre-training, operations, and grand opening manuals
    • Version 4.0 of our industry leading proprietary equipment suite
    • Inclusion on our industry-leading website and web lead generation programs
    • Use of our automated suite of monthly marketing materials and promotional products
    • In the field and phone Hotline support by our industry experts
    • Inclusion in national trade shows and company conferences


    Rapid Recovery franchisees are provided top training from industry professionals with more than 100-years of combined experience.  You will learn:


    • Industry terms and lingo, so you will always be comfortable speaking with clients and staff
    • Cutting edge marketing techniques to launch your new business as quickly as possible and long-term techniques to create continued growth
    • Day-to-Day management techniques on all aspects of the business from employee management to customer service and follow-up techniques
    • Step-by-step equipment training allowing you and your staff to master the recovery process



    A Superior Franchise:


    • We are the national leader in our industry / niche
    • Top Ranked for relevant terms on Google SEO and SEM
    • Providing new automation tools to make business easier and cheaper every year
    • Provides powerful and customized business reports to identify better business choices
    • A Franchise Optimizer to make sure you have all the tools to succeed every step of the way


    Rapid Recovery is an exclusive franchise system, with less than 90 total franchise units available.  Rapid Recovery is looking for the best of the best to join our system.  If you want to help the environment while making a great living and enjoy a business-to-business work schedule, inquire for more information now!


    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity