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    Liquid Capital Required: $75,000

    Fleet Services USA Franchise Opportunity


    The Premier Business Opportunity in the Mobile Vehicle
    Maintenance and Repair Industry


    The trucking industry provides an essential service to the American economy. Trucks in America are responsible for the majority of freight movement over land and are vital tools in manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, and retail industries.


    Government regulations regarding the safety of commercial driving require fleets to maintain vehicles at a high standard of safety. This requirement has strengthened our business model of fleet management which includes maintenance, repair, diagnostics, vehicle tracking and more.


    National Fleet accounts generate millions annually. Plus, the average age of a commercial fleet of vehicles has aged steadily since 2002, from an average age of 9.8 years to 11.4 years old. Aging vehicles in a fleet result in greater need for a high quality service provider.



    Why Fleet Services USA? 12 Great Reasons:


    1. Designated geographic areas – we supply the market research.
    2. Affordable.
    3. No franchise fees – EVER! Each dealership is independently owned and operated.
    4. Excellence in the mobile arena that is in high demand.
    5. High quality production packages.
    6. National affiliations for immediate buying power.
    7. Low overhead.
    8. Proven operational experience – we provide extensive orientation and ongoing support.
    9. Recession-resistant.
    10. Opportunity to build wealth.
    11. Freedom, pride and independence of business ownership.
    12. Reasonable business hours to give you a balanced work/play lifestyle and financial security.


    We know that every technician’s toolbox looks the same.
    It’s what we provide that makes us a stand-out in the industry.


    We have developed and executed strategies that create long-term business success. With our major support features, we can teach you to start your business with some great “jump start tools”, grow the business and do it all profitably.


    We give you access to the resources you need to build and grow exceptional companies. We provide everything we wish we had when we started our company. It makes a big difference when you are surrounded by the right resources.


    In a continually changing industry we continue to rise to the occasion with over a decade of experience. We support our dealers through all aspects of growth and expansion. It’s not about just having growth, it’s maximizing and controlling your growth.


    Get the software, production package, orientation, follow-up support
     on-going training, all for the initial purchase price!
    No continued fees!


    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity