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    Liquid Capital Required: $40,000

    Rubbish Works Franchise Opportunity

    Rubbish Works


    Rubbish Works is a dynamic, green, and growing junk removal franchise company offering multiple streams of income with two core businesses. Rubbish Works’ junk removal franchisees leverage the use of one customized truck to service both residential and commercial sectors offering on-demand hauling and container recycling services. Positioned to serve the growing demands of the “do it for me” generation, the Rubbish Works concept is a convenient, cost-effective, no-touch solution for rubbish removal for residential and commercial junk removal and dumpster rental clients.

    The Rubbish Works Opportunity


    Rubbish Works offers their franchise partners the following attractive business characteristics:


    • A scalable, executive model
    • A low initial investment
    • Home-based, service business operating in a growing industry
    • Multiple Revenue Streams
    • State of the Art Proprietary Software (RWO)
    • Freedom and flexibility in your daily schedule
    • Work/Life Balance

    What We Do


    Rubbish Works is not “just another junk hauler.” We are a dynamic, green and growing company offering two core businesses with one customized truck. The Rubbish Works concept is a convenient, cost-effective solution for rubbish removal offering both on-demand hauling and container recycling service to both residential and commercial customers.




    Industry Outlook


    A projected 5% annual growth is expected through 2020, making on-demand hauling an estimated $1.4 billion service sector industry. Over the past 5 years, the category has shown strong growth – this trend will continue as the niche industry becomes a more recognized essential service concept.



    Features & Benefits


    When you partner with Rubbish Works as a franchisee in your local market, you will be afforded the opportunity to leverage our systems and support to assist you in the daily operations of running all aspects of your business.


    Some of the main features and benefits include:


    • Customized Hook-Lift Truck

    • Centralized Call Center

    • Web-based Scheduling

    • GPS Mapping

    • Crew Tracking

    • Rubbish Works On-Line (RWO) – Proprietary Web-based Software

    Training & Support


    As a franchisee of Rubbish Works, you will be provided with all the tools and operational procedures necessary to run your local business successfully.Shortly after signing your Franchise Agreement, you will receive our Right Start Training Manual. This document is designed to assist you through all the administrative and start up functions of your business to prepare you to launch successfully. 

    Rubbish Works Training




    Once you have completed your Right Start tasks (typically 4 to 6 week timeframe), you will travel to Mercer Island, Washington (Seattle area) for your five-day on-site training course. This component includes:


    • Daily Operations
    • Rubbish Works On-Line Introduction
    • Payroll and Accounting Set Up
    • Sales and Marketing Training
    • Hiring Processes



    Our follow-up training includes working with a business coach to target and attain business goals for a 12-week period, along with a site visit in your local territory – all at no cost to the franchisee.


    Bi-weekly franchisee calls and our intranet site through RWO ensures we are in constant communication with our franchisees.



    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity