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    Liquid Capital Required: $60,000

    SAFE HOMECARE Franchise Opportunity


    Continually having conversations with yourself? An endless internal dialog that goes something like this . . .


    Why am I working so hard for someone else?


    • I am the type of person who is committed to excellence in whatever I do.
    • Does my employer really know what, and how much, I do?
    • Do they really care about how hard I am working, or even know what I do every day, and how much it takes?
    • I am giving 110%, each and every day, and yet they don’t even seem to notice, or even care, let alone appreciate my sacrifices?
    • I am tired of seeing them reap the financial rewards from my efforts/skills, and hard work.
    • I have common sense, business acumen, drive and ambition.
    • I feel stuck, even “trapped,” on the corporate treadmill, locked on a path to nowhere special.
    • I am running endlessly, at seemingly ever increasing speeds, yet not realizing, or even having the opportunity to think about how I am going to get started on, let alone, realize, my personal goals, ambitions and dreams?
    • It seems time is just “flying” by and, I am not getting any younger!
    • I have seen firsthand what has been going on in corporate America, and realize that there is no longer any such thing as “job security” in today’s corporate world.
    • I know, these days, everyone is just one instant away from waking up and finding themselves outsourced or unemployed.



    If this is a dialog of internal struggle that you relate to, then ask yourself these questions…


    Would I like to…


    • Get off the ever-accelerating corporate treadmill leading me nowhere?
    • Be my own boss?
    • Finally start working on my own dreams?
    • Finally take the time for me to pursue my ambitions and goals?
    • Position myself to reap the financial rewards of my own hard work?
    • Finally put myself and my family’s future in my own hands?



    If you answered “yes” to the above questions, and are still struggling about what to do next, about where to go, or how to get started, then…




    Have you always felt, or said to yourself, I know, in my “gut” that the “right” opportunity must be out there somewhere?

    An opportunity in the right market, at the right time, with the right potential… One that can enable me to apply my skills, drive and ambition to finally building my part of the American dream?


    If you have continued to have this dialog with yourself, the same one you have wrestled with for years, then we are asking you…

    Are you ready to start building an asset that has great potential, sustainability and value? Are you ready to invest the most precious and limited resource you have, your time, in an undertaking whose beneficiary is you and your family?



    You need to take a serious look at the opportunity a SAFE HOMECARE franchise can provide you and your family.


    SAFE HOMECARE has developed, tested and perfected model that positions you to tap into the burgeoning senior care market.


    Consider these facts:


    • 10,000 people turn 65 every day in the United States.
    • That is one person every 9 seconds…for the next 20 years!
    • Every aging senior experiences some, ever increasing, level of need for assistance with activities of daily living.
    • It is well established that every aging senior vehemently prefers to remain in the comfort, security and familiarity of their own home.
    • Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world, the family support system is conflicted with busy schedules and multiple sources competing for valuable, but limited, time resources.
    • Family members want to care for their loved one, and often feel “guilty” when they are unable to find the necessary time to devote to their loved one’s needs.


    SAFE HOMECARE entered this industry to span the gap for families and provide the peace of mind that only comes when a loved one receives the kind of care, compassion and companionship that families themselves would provide, if only they could. That is why client care and well-being are the centerpieces of everything we do, and, importantly, how we do it!


    SAFE HOMECARE based its care-centered model to include compassionate, interactive, one-on-one caregiver-client relationships. SAFE has developed and proven the model to effectively service the needs of the aging senior population. Our differentiator is our compassionate, interactive care provided with an uplifting spirit and energy that improves the lives of our clients each and every day.


    We have established SAFE HOMECARE UNIVERSITY to provide our franchisees an exciting, in-depth training program, along with on-site support and technology that will have them equipped to “hit the ground running,” providing the best service to your community’s elderly; because as our logo conveys, we provide care with big smiles, compassion, an uplifting spirit, and the energy to brighten the day of our clients. When you become a SAFE HOMECARE franchisee, you are automatically enrolled in the SAFE HOMECARE University.


    In launching your own SAFE HOMECARE franchise, you are not only availing yourself of the SAFE HOMECARE business model, system, procedures and the training on how, why and when to implement certain strategies. You will have our team behind you each step of the way. You will have access to our subject matter experts to assist you on your journey to build your own SAFE HOMECARE business.



    DO NOT let this be one of those opportunities that you let pass you by,
    only to look back and regret later!


    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity