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    Liquid Capital Required: $100,000

    Massage Green Franchise Opportunity

    A Luxury Everyone Can Afford


    Massage Green Spa has innovated the Health and Wellness Sector buy combining multiple streams of income under one business roof. We offer member, nonmember, out of town, holiday and introductory rates for every level of consumer. The best part of our membership based services are that they are pay as you go.


    Additionally, we constantly work to deliver the highest quality services to our customers in the massage business by hiring the best and most well rounded massage therapists who will be able to support our corporate franchise vision. As a potential national franchisee partner our seamless entry model allows you to learn the following, from the ground up construction to consumer satisfaction.


    The Industry


    Massage Therapy: one of the fastest-growing consumer wellness segments


    Year after year more people rely on massage therapy and bodywork for relaxation, pain management, health concerns, rehabilitation and overall general wellness.


    Today 39 million American adults, more than 1 in 6 get a massage at least once a year. Research estimates that massage therapy was a $12.1 billion industry in the country in 2015.


    Reasons for Massage:

    • Stress / Relaxation (33.3%)
    • Medical (33.3%)
    • Pampering (16.67%)
    • Other (16.67%)


    Reasons for Massage:

    • Relieves Back Pain
    • Boosts Immune System
    • Reduces anxiety
    • Lowers Blood Pressure
    • Treats Migraines
    • Alleviates Side Effects of Cancer


    Business Model


    Green Is The New Gold


    Massage Green Spa is positioned to outpace the competition with our membership based business model. We offer multiple streams of income massage, facials private infrared sauna sessions and retail.


    Massage Green Spa has over 100 open locations across the US with a strong footprint in Michigan, Florida, Texas, Utah and California. We have another 200 locations currently in development.


    Massage Green Spa believes in having a commitment to the environment and in order for our customers to experience the full healing power of a therapeutic massage, facial or infrared sauna session they need to be in an environment that cultivates cleanliness and reduces stress.


    Massage Green Spa gives people tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth. It most importantly focuses on the ever-changing wellness revolution. By combining massage therapy with an eco-friendly environment, we have addressed the need for improving our internal and external health.


    Why Massage Green Spa?


    • National leverage in site selection and leasehold improvements
    • Simple operations model without any shrink or expiration on inventory
    • Expert corporate franchise team with over 75 years of franchise experience in over 10 different national franchise chains
    •  Introductory and membership pricing at one of the nations most affordable rates
    • Reoccurring revenue with membership base
    • Fantastic margins and attractive returns (ROI)


    Competitive Advantage


    As a franchise partner we know that your primary mission is to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. This is why we make you eligible to take advantage of all of our corporate services listed below

    • Site Selection
    • Design and Construction
    • Marketing
    • Financing
    • Training
    • Grand opening Programs


    Our Massage Green Spa continued franchise support offers the following but is not limited to

    • Training
    • National and Regional Advertising
    • Operations
    • Ongoing Supervision and Management Support
    • Increased Spending Power Through Bulk Purchasing
    • A Community of Like Minded Individuals Who Are as Passionate About Your Success as You Are


    Our national clinics are constructed from the most eco-friendly building materials. Items like the ones listed below provide the essential basis for our clientele to relax and breathe easier

    • Recycled Drywall
    • Zero VOC Paint
    • Recycled cellulose insulation and ceiling tiles
    • Engineered cultured stone and granite
    • Porcelain Tile
    • Low Consumptive Lighting
    • High Efficiency Furnaces and Water Heaters
    • Purified Drinking Water





    Single Unit Franchise Fee = $45,000

    3 Unit Franchise Fee = $90,000

    **Area Development Opportunities Available


    Liquid Capital = $100,000


    Total Investment $170,000-282,000 (Single Unit)

    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity