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    Liquid Capital Required: $9,500

    Green Building Advisors Franchise Opportunity

    About Green Building Advisors

    With thousands of buildings owners paying for green services to reduce their utility expenses in the coming years, the Energy Reduction & Conservation business will be one of the biggest wealth transfers of the 21st century.


    Rising fuel costs, government tax programs, new construction mandates, and environmental responsibility has created an unprecedented business opportunity for someone ready to take charge of their career.


    Market a suite of innovative energy saving solutions. Imagine owning your very own profitable energy business, where most business owners are actively seeking out your services. Your job is to interact with business owners, start them in the process (get them working with our engineers and project managers) and move onto the next deal! Owning a green business means having access to our Green University, an ongoing training course designed to get you introduced to the basics, and guide you all the way through to becoming a green energy expert.


    Throughout the consulting process you’ll be working with your team of engineers to educate business owners on how to:

    • Take advantage of all the tax incentive available to help fund your green initiative.
    • Reduce their gas, electricity and water bills by 50%.
    • Make energy efficiency and conservation upgrades at little or no cost.
    • Identify the low hanging fruit for quick ROI – in some cases at zero cost.
    • Purchase alternative and renewable energy sources

    We go into a lot more detail about your role in the business and the services that we provide during our Green Franchise Webinar. Use the form at the right to sign up.


    Training & Support

    • Financial Assistance Provided: No

    • Site Selection Assistance: Yes

    • Lease Negotiation Assistance: No

    • Recruiting Assistance: Yes

    • Co-Operative Advertising: Yes

    • Training: Live classes, weekly conf call and one on one support



    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity