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TAB Franchise Owners run dynamic, membership-only board meetings every month where members pool their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the group. Each board consists of up to 10 business owners and CEOs of privately-owned companies.  


In a trusted, candid and confidential setting, decision makers from non-competing companies in diverse industries meet to solve problems and evaluate opportunities in their markets. Along with discussing the business challenges they face and exploring new possibilities for increased productivity and profitability, members will also hold each other accountable for results.   As a TAB Franchise Owner, you will nurture the growth of local businesses. Through a platform of knowledge and guidance, you will deliver real-world advice that provides a results-driven advantage to help business owners stay focused on what matters most. The impact you have will ripple through your community as you facilitate positive change by performing top level coaching, business owner board facilitation and business consulting.   In addition to facilitating TAB Board meetings, you will also provide individual coaching sessions using TAB’s proprietary tools and processes. Working one-on-one with TAB members, you will analyze their business and help them create a customized strategic plan that will allow them to reach their business objectives and personal vision.  

Achieve A Healthy Work/Life Balance

 As a TAB Franchise Owner, your days will never be the same. You will enjoy a fast-paced, high-energy lifestyle with the newfound freedom afforded by proven franchise methods.   Owning your own TAB business provides you with a tremendous amount of flexibility, variety and control. As a TAB Franchise Owner, you will discover the true meaning of work-life balance. Your diverse array of day-to-day tasks and activities will build networks around your community for which you serve as the primary hub.   It takes 23 hours per month on average to service an 8-member board. This includes board meetings, coaching session, preparation time and travel time. It’s a very efficient model that supports the balance between work and life.   The work/life balance, the variety and the control over their schedule does make TAB Franchise Owners the envy of their colleagues. You may also be wondering whether you are qualified to successfully deliver TAB’s services.  

Benefits Of Ownership


  While TAB Franchise Owners love making a difference in their member’s businesses and lives, enjoy the flexibility and control that owning their own business provides and appreciate earning a good income along the way, the TAB model provides many other benefits.  

  • The opportunity to continually learn about business issues and solutions. TAB Franchise Owners liken their experience running TAB boards to earning an MBA over and over again.
  • Proven proprietary tools that help you identify opportunities to improve member businesses and develop plans to take advantage of those opportunities.
  • A home-based business with no required employees and no inventory.
  • No out of town travel.
  • A protected territory with exclusive marketing rights. This leads to a highly collaborative and supportive community of Franchise Owners.
  • A prestigious position as a business leader in your community.
  • Diversity of the opportunity – you can make it what you want.
  • Support every step of the way by a committed TAB team whose goal is your success.

  Because, unlike many other models, TAB provides protected territories, TAB Franchise Owners have access to a global collaborative network of other business advisors. TAB Franchise Owners are proud to be part of an elite community of business advisors from around the word that help each other achieve more in their businesses. In fact, we practice what we preach by establishing peer boards among ourselves so that TAB Franchise Owners can experience the same benefits they offer their members.  

Training & Support

  TAB’s franchisee support teams assist franchise owners in growing board membership and sustaining desired business levels through strong member retention. Our support programs include:  

  • Initial on-site training at TAB Headquarters
  • An assigned campaign manager to guide the launch of your business
  • In-territory member recruitment support
  • Ongoing advanced business development training
  • Weekly coaching from an experienced facilitator
  • Training conferences with other TAB Franchise Owners
  • Proven and effective new member acquisition programs
  • Proprietary tools and communication programs that increase member retention
  • Support from a community of 100’s of other TAB facilitators

  In addition, you will have access to numerous tools that will help you run your business effectively. These tools include:  

  • A turn-key marketing systems – for launch and post-launch marketing. Our marketing toolbox includes state-of-the-art marketing tactics such as content marketing, re-marketing and social media marketing
  • A best of class CRM system to manage your leads as well as your members
  • A personalized state-of-the-art website for your TAB business
  • A comprehensive content library
  • Proprietary programs for business assessment, planning and operation


Our Ideal Candidate

  There’s no right or wrong background to come from. There’s no golden qualification or former position held that will make you a great success as a TAB Franchise Owner. The only thing guaranteed to ensure your success is YOU.   As with any business, what you get out depends on what you put in. Successful TAB Franchise Owners have many characteristics in common.   Our brand’s success is based on the quality of the people we invite into the system. Ideal candidates are transitioning executives, experienced consultants and former business owners, with experience in a senior-level role – either in a corporate environment or as a consultant to business executives. Our most successful Franchise Owners are aggressive, hungry to earn a great income, results-oriented and excited about long term growth.

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