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QC Kinetix is a concierge medicine that offers tailored treatment plans for things like arthritis or injury. We treat damaged joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and tissue, due to arthritis or injury. We use non-surgical injections to restore damaged tissue, decrease pain, and increase quality of life. This is designed to be a long-term fix and keep patients out of surgery, away from toxic steroid injections, and off addictive pain medications. Class IV deep tissue laser, Plasma, Platelet rich plasma, A2M, Amniotic Membrane, and Bone Marrow stem cells are used in these treatment plans. The plans are tailored to the patient’s specific needs. We do not bill any insurance as this is not covered by Medicare or any private payor. This is a concierge model that allows the patients to be involved in the latest and greatest treatment methods that only elite athletes once had access to. We now have access and have help many patients regain their quality of life. 


History of Founders Justin Crowell, Tyler Vail & Richard Schaffer 

QC Kinetix was started in 2017. The 3 owners had previous medical experience in regenerative medicine and were excited to start this concept. Charleston, SC was the first location. Since the 10 corporate Clinics have been opened between NC, SC, and TX. In the summer of 2019, the 3 owners franchised the brand in effort to grow quickly in an emerging industry. The goal is to be in the industry leader and really change traditional thought processes for orthopedic issues that “require” surgery, pain meds, or steroids. We offer concierge medicine where they patients have a say in their care and where the providers have time to spend with them. The patients also have access to us vial phone call at any time. We now are bringing this proven concept to market offering it as a franchiseable opportunity. You do not have to be a medical provider to own one of these Clinics. We teach franchisees from soup to nuts the business of regenerative medicine and how to effectively run the model from a business perspective while achieving the ultimate mission of changing patients’ lives. 



Key Business Features 

Results-focused Marketing Program – QC Kinetix implements multiple marketing strategies that help to drive customers to the location. We use SEO/PPC, radio, television, and social media marketing. All markets for franchisees are implemented by the QC Kinetix marketing firm.  

Technology Programs – We have advanced yet easy to use systems to help effectively run the business. Our Point-of Sale system is a multi-faceted tool that Franchisees can access from anywhere with an Internet connection. It can pinpoint customer habits, track analytics, run reports, manage employees and so much more. 

Diverse Offerings – QC Kinetix uses a variety of medical treatments to help relieve pain or soreness all over the body. Their methods are customer driven with a focus on the non-invasive Clinics of medicine. With this variety of treatments, the QC Kinetix team can help locate the center of pain, treat the area, and help you experience relief.  

Operations – QK Kinetix has a low number of employees and is open only one day per week! A corporate call center sets up appointments for that one-day of operation. It is a low cost of entry into the business and has a very high potential income for franchisees. 



Ideal Candidate 

The candidate we are looking for has management skills and there is no medical experience necessary. Below are some other qualities we desire. 

  • Ability to operate as the CEO of their franchise
  • Want to be part of an emerging and needed business
  • Would enjoy owning multiple clinics and has an Empire mentality


Competitive Advantage 

Limited Competition

  • Regenerative medicine is a fairly new concept and is mostly practiced by physicians
  • Hasn’t allowed many companies to build up the amount of treatments that QC Kinetix offers

Pain Never Stops

  • Until work, sports, and everyday life stop having an effect on our bodies, there will always be overworked joints, injuries, etc. for QC Kinetix to treat

Recession Resistant

  • The medical field during a recession is a good place to be
  • People with pain will always need help
  • COVID-19 resistant- essential business



Industry Overview 

  • The Regenerative Medicine Market is estimated to be valued at 13.3 billion and projected to reach 38.7 billion by 2024.
  • Cell-based immunotherapy & cell therapy products segment accounted for the largest market share in 2019.


Description of Territory 

Each territory is defined as a Designated Market Area (DMA). Each area is mapped out with population, counties and number of Clinics that will fit into that area. Each DMA territory will have a minimum of a 150,000 person population and up to 10,000,000.  



  • 4 days spent at the Charlotte office with the QC Kinetix team
  • Grand opening of their unit- QC Kinetix team is at their location for 2 days


On-going training

  • QC Kinetix Corporate is always working with franchisees to make them better daily
  • We also offer video training for all employees and owners.

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