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Paul Davis Restoration, North America’s leading insurance restoration network, offers investment and franchise opportunities in property damage restoration to residential and commercial properties. Our service providers specialize in cleanup and damage repair services resulting from floods, fire, mold, broken pipes, storms and more.

Owning your own PDR franchise can be both rewarding financially and personally. If you are looking for a new career that enriches your life and provides unlimited income potential, starting your own Paul Davis Restoration franchise is the opportunity you have been waiting for. There will always be a demand for the type of emergency damage services that we provide to our customers. 



Why Restoration

The restoration industry thrives regardless of the time of year, the economy, or social and political climate. Property damage and natural disasters occur in both growth economies and during recessions, so home and business owners need access to reputable and expert restoration services at a moment’s notice. The best part is that these repairs are paid for by the insurance companies.


Advantages Of Owning A Paul Davis Restoration Business

- A business system developed over 55 years of best practices from our entire franchisee Network
- 2020 average sales $3,992,499(over 2-year-old franchises) – approximately 4 times that of our closest competitor
- 2020 average sales $2,421,522 (under 2-year-old franchises) – much higher than our competitors mature franchise average
- 4% Royalty Rate - Our competitive rate is the lowest in the restoration industry.
- Protected territories - much larger than our competitors
- Preferred partner for national program work from the largest insurers in the country
- National commercial accounts that benefit every franchisee
- Supportive home office with a ratio of 1:10 direct support personnel to each franchise owner
- Recruiting, training, and onboarding assistance
- Paul Davis has an over 97% success rate for our franchises because we are extremely selective of the franchisees that we approve coupled with a business model developed over 55 years


Training & Support

Training is the foundation of our company, because our reputation has been built on the expertise of our franchise owners.

When you join the Paul Davis Restoration franchise team, you’ll get the most in-depth training in the industry. Our training program will give you the knowledge, confidence, and support to successfully invest in restoration businesses. All training happens at our industry-leading training facility.

Our training is divided into a series of hands-on modules. Each one demonstrates advanced mitigation and restoration techniques and cleaning methods. Students practice with the latest equipment and advanced technology.

The training methods replicate the situations franchise owners will encounter in the field. With so many real-world experiences, our franchisees are prepared to run their businesses with confidence.



The Paul Davis Restoration training program includes:

- Interactive training at the state-of-the-art National Training Center in Jacksonville, FL.
- Ongoing opportunities to train in the latest equipment and techniques.
- Continuing education courses to keep up required industry certifications.
- Practical instruction on business management, production, and customer service processes.
- Education on local marketing initiatives and how to implement them.


Our Marketing Plan

Our marketing activity plan is the core of what we do. Franchisees are free to focus on the other aspect of growing the business due to a franchisor-provided Regional Marketing Manager assigned to franchisees. They provide support and help trail local marketers and implement effective marketing strategies.

We also track which programs have been successful with our franchisees, so that we can fine-tune our approach to generate success for all of our franchise owners. We always want to make sure that the programs we have on the marketing activity plan are useful and valuable for you.


Ideal Candidate

The Ideal Candidate needs no prior restoration experience. Our top performing franchisees come from many varied backgrounds but they all have some things in common:

- Burning desire to build a large business
- Likes helping others in their time of need
- Proven "A" players
- Exceptional Team builders
- Outstanding Team Management skills
- People Person
- Capable of a $500,000 investment


Paul Davis is powered by energetic people who have a passion for helping others and the desire to own and operate their own restoration business. If you are eager for a change of pace and plenty of new opportunities, contact us today. Get Started With Paul Davis Franchising Today!

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