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    Liquid Capital Required: $350,000

    OrthoNOW Franchise Opportunity


    The FIRST and ONLY Urgent Care Franchise Opportunity in the $42 Billion Orthopedic Care Industry… Because injuries don’t happen by appointment.


    Selected by Entrepreneur Magazine among the Top 20 Franchises in 2014, OrthoNOW Franchise is revolutionizing expert orthopedic healthcare delivery. We offer immediate, expert care for everyday injuries and return our patients to a better quality of life as soon as possible.


    By 2024, national annual health expenditures are forecast to be $5.43 trillion which means $1 out of every $5 spent in US will be on health care. It’s no wonder that the Urgent Care market is growing so rapidly. Every year in the United States, 160M people visit Urgent Care. Well over 30% of those visits are orthopedic in nature. That means 48M patients leave traditional Urgent Care Centers frustrated and without treatment every year. Timely treatment is critical for a full recovery and yet there are no effective and timely options out there for everyday injuries. Until OrthoNOW.


    How has OrthoNOW Franchise vaulted to a leader in this dynamic industry so quickly? Since our inception in 2014, we’ve awarded 10 territories with plans to double in size every year for the next five years OrthoNOW Franchise is the opportunity you won’t want to miss. Simply stated, an opportunity cost is the cost of a missed opportunity.



    Recession Proof

    Health Care exists no matter the economy and the demand for services increases every year. People want and need access to health care on their terms – which usually means immediately!


    A proven business system

    Our business model is tried and true. Over the past several years, we have developed business operations processes, advertising and marketing strategies and general procedures for launching and managing profitable orthopedic urgent care centers. We have made our operations efficient and effective – and our model is constantly improving.


    An experienced team

    Our corporate staff consists of business, medical, and franchise professionals. We’ve spared no expense building a formidable team to ensure that you get all the support you need to thrive as a franchise owner. We are committed to providing assistance all along the way as you train, choose your site, build out your center, staff it, launch and grow.


    Clear competitive advantage

    There are nearly 9000 Urgent Care Centers in the US today and the vast majority is made up of small organizations with 1-2 locations and only a handful (20ish) of organizations have more than 5 locations.


    No Competition

    OrthoNOW is the FIRST and ONLY national expert orthopedic urgent care franchise and uniquely positioned to dominate this highly fragmented market.


    Predictable, reliable, stable business model

    Injuries happen every day and never by appointment.


    Technology Resistant

    Patient care can’t be provided by the Internet and it can’t be outsourced overseas. Technology certainly plays a role in our business, but care has to be provided by compassionate caregivers.


    Growth Opportunities and Scalability

    With over 1000 available territories in the US today, OrthoNOW is aggressively targeting proven multi- unit operators and Area Developers who understand the power of scalability.


    Multiple Income Streams

    Multiple products and services drive revenues.


    Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value

    At OrthoNOW, brand loyalty transcends multiple generations. From infants to seniors, injuries happen every day.


    Optimized Profitability

    Managed labor costs make it affordable to scale.


    Residual Income Stream

    Through repeat visits, follow up visits and ongoing care services.


    State of the Art Technology

    Delivering exemplary customer experience, convenience of care, and driving operational efficiencies.


    National Purchasing Programs

    Mean buying power for inventory and supplies.


    Proven Marketing Systems

    To jump start your business and drive ongoing patient volume.


    Lifestyle Business

    Through building a strong management team.


    An Opportunity to Give Back to your Community

    Owning and operating an OrthoNOW is rewarding on so many levels… Emotionally, personally and financially. Can you think of another business that allows you to help people while building a potentially significant asset in a recession proof industry?


    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity