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    Liquid Capital Required: $20,000

    New Again Carpet Cleaning Franchise Opportunity


    New Again Carpet Care is a Fayetteville, North Carolina based company that provides a wide array of services to commercial and residential customers.  The primary clients for New Again include hotels, office buildings and retail operations, as well as residences.  This offers a wide range of potential clients for the New Again model and franchise partners and allows for a diverse revenue stream business model.  New Again brings a decorated touch to the commercial and residential cleaning industry; the organization has provided services to businesses in the Southeastern U.S. since 2004.  The company is commandeered by Jeffrey and Lisa Houghton, with that a combination of leadership that brings both proven and traditional business management alongside new-age and cutting-edge strategic thinking.  From a credibility standpoint, the New Again franchise offers a proven and established business model.


    New Again is in a strong position as a new franchisor, as accounts and relationships with commercial and residential clients can be leveraged by franchise partners in new markets.  The commercial cleaning industry is a competitive and cut-throat marketplace; the business at large has a lower barrier for entry, and competition frequently turns to price battles in order to land customers.  These issues and others lend an even higher level of accomplishment to the New Again model in that for over 8 years, the organization has held a leadership position within this market segment.  Some of the keys to the organization’s success have been the following:


    1. A focus on marketing, sales and business development.  New Again has willful marketing professionals whose focus and responsibility is to reach out to potential customers and establish opportunities for the sales team to meet with clients.  The intensity of focus on business development has kept a full pipeline of opportunities for the company and a growth curve in earnings potential.
    2. Use of technology – New Again utilizes technology in all aspects of the company to provide competitive advantages throughout the organization.
    3. This includes marketing and sales management systems used to oversee and manage the sales and business development process.  By using systems and an approved CRM in the marketing process, the company’s leadership is better able to oversee activity and look for strategic opportunities.
    4. Cleaning equipment and operational technology.  New Again is continuously looking for opportunities to increase and improve operational efficiencies with the use of better and more efficient operating equipment.  The cleaning industry is continuously improving equipment and looking for ways to integrate technology into the processes being used.  New Again leadership does a great job researching and prospecting for opportunities to add and integrate technology into the company’s processes.
    5. Marketing and lead generation has flourished; the transition in leadership within the New Again organization, alongside the company’s embracing and utilizing advanced cleaning technology, has gained additional access to potential clients for the New Again brand.  By implementing web-based marketing tools and advertising, the company has been able to launch a bigger marketing range and reach customers throughout the entire Southeastern U.S.  These new and innovative techniques that have been implemented continue to prove effective.
    6. Commercial client relationships will be leveraged by the network.  The corporate management team of New Again has been proficient and effective in building these relationships and establishing national client referral programs where business is referred out to the organization.  Franchisees will be able to leverage these relationships and accept work from the corporate office in all parts of the country.

    The New Again business model is a combination of sales and marketing tools that effectively acquire clients through processes that present valuable propositions to clients in a timely and efficient manner.  The operational side of the business is managed through a business structure that provides specially trained service to deliver professional cleaning and service to commercial clients.


    New Again will be franchising the company’s operations in order to duplicate the business model into new markets and to expand the organization’s footprint.  Through franchise development, New Again will have the ability to operate locations in new markets and areas without the cost and management responsibilities that would come with traditional company-owned territories.  Because of the low initial investment required to open a location, the simplicity of the business model and the wide margins for providing this type of service, franchise development holds enormous potential.




    New Again provides Cleaning and Restoration services for both commercial and residential clients.  With a wide range of diverse client types and industries that are served by the organization, the Classic business model allows for the diversification of revenue streams and opportunities.  New Again provides the following services and processes to commercial and residential clients:


    1. Bathroom cleaning and disinfecting
    2. Trash gathering, collection and removal
    3. Stair and elevator cleaning
    4. Sweeping and mopping of floors
    5. Entrance, reception area and foyer cleaning
    6. Wipe and disinfect doorknobs, telephones and light switches
    7. High dusting/cobweb removal
    8. Vacuuming
    9. Cleaning of light fixtures and baseboards
    10. Kitchen & Lounge area cleaning including sinks, countertops, microwaves, toasters and refrigerators.
    11. Horizontal surface dusting
    12. Air duct cleaning


    Profitable business – New Again Carpet Care has a very fast potential ROI (Return On Investment) for a franchise owner.  With reasonable overhead, a low start up cost for a business and applicability in just about any market, the concept is financially sound.  A franchise owner after five years in business is projected to do ($428,215) with EBITDA of ($171,578). 


    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity