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    Liquid Capital Required: $100,000

    Cookie Cutters Franchise Opportunity


    Cookie Cutters is a unique children’s hair care franchise with over 20 years of direct industry experience. Their goal is to provide haircuts, shampoos and related products and services to all children ages 12 and under.  Each retail location is child friendly, and FUN.  It starts with fantasy cars at each hair cutting station that includes televisions designed to grabs the child’s attention with home entertainment videos, computer and hand-held games.  Each store also includes playground equipment, carousel chairs and fire truck wash shampoos.  Cookie Cutters has mastered what was once an uneventful and frequently traumatic experience into an engaging, fun-filled, and entertaining experience for both the child and the parents.  Our motto is “Cookie Cutters haircuts is fun for kids and stress free for parents”. With a balloon, sucker and a smile at the end of each haircut, our system is designed to keep children coming back time and time again.




    • Neal and Alexis Courtney are the NEW owners of the Cookie Cutters brand.  It started 9 years ago when they first became a multi-unit franchisee owning and operating 5 locations in Sale Lake City, Utah.  They loved the brand so much that they bought the Cookie Cutters Franchise System in December of 2014.  Neal and Alexis are passionate about the business and see huge potential on a national basis.  They plan to open 350 locations in the next 3-5 years.  Prior to purchasing Cookie Cutters, Neal was the CEO of Famous Brands International, the parent company to Mrs. Fields and TCBY.
    • Glenn and Brett Gustafsson are the Area Directors in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Combined, they have over 25 years of franchise development experience.  Their job is to assist each franchisee along the development process up to, and even beyond Grand Opening.  They will help you with the agreement signing, site identification and approval, construction, training, operational support, marketing, and Grand Opening.



    Business Features:


    • The total investment is from $91,500 to $261,000.
    • Cookie Cutters Salon is a facility of approximately 1,200 square feet with 6 to 8 chairs employing a manager, 2 associate managers and a staff of cutters, all of whom must be licensed barbers, beauticians or cosmetologists.
    • We train our operators using confidential operations guides that were developed over many years using input from all our network of operators and employees.  All new owners must attend our 5 day training program in Salt Lake City or Indianapolis.  This includes operating a location and fine tuning the skills taught in our classroom.  Training is required for owners and managers, and may include other employees if they are available. We also offer on-site training after the stores opening.
    • Our support staff is available around the clock to answer questions regarding the operations of each salon and to assist with any needs that arise.  From software support to operations support, our many years of experience provide an unparalleled return on your investment.
    • A stores territory usually consists of 3-4 mile radius. We look at drive times from one store to the other, usually 20-30 minutes. Driving distance from one store to another is a good indicator for sustaining stores. States and Provinces with current stores are Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Utah, and Ontario, Colorado, Alabama, Canada with new stores coming soon in Utah (2), Alabama (2), Pennsylvania (6), California (5) , Maryland (3), and Colorado (5).
    • Our advantage is providing a unique environment and a great experience for tremendous value. We are experts in kids’ cuts!  Our hairstylists ONLY cut children’s hair, they become the best at what they do. Many of our stores are in strip malls with Great Clip’s, Fantastic Sam’s, and Supercuts and we have found they are NOT competition. We are proud that we also attract a large amount of special needs children. Parents many times don’t have a place where they can take their special needs children and have them distracted by many fun and engaging options.
    • We take pride in our customer service and realize that the most important aspect of our business is a great haircut and the care of the child. Our employees love working for us because our clients go to bed by 8:00 pm. Our stores are open Monday-Friday 9 am – 7:30 pm, Saturdays 9 am – 5 pm, with an option to be open or closed on Sundays depending on the franchisee. Our model allows us to only require 2-3 Saturdays a month from our stylists. Many salons require all Saturdays be worked by Stylists. We do not offer color, which allows franchisees to hire barbers as well as hair stylists. Our haircuts only take 15-30 minutes, which the parents are grateful for. This allows us to get through many haircuts during the day and also allows our stylists to make more tips. We have perfected the experience in a shorter amount of time.




    • There are 70 million children in the U.S. The hair industry is estimated to be over $55 billion a year.  The children’s-only sector is further estimated to be nearly $6 billion, and still growing.



    9 Reasons why Cookie Cutters is the next successful franchise system

    1. Unique positioning within the hair cutting industry.
    2. $55 Billion industry and still growing.
    3. Recession Resistant: Hair grows no matter what the economy looks like, and it will never be a service that can be outsourced overseas, or replaced by technology.
    4. Continued Training from start to finish from build out to opening and beyond.
    5. Successful History: Cookie Cutters has been franchising for 19 years.
    6. Low Investment
    7. Parents love spending money on their kids, we carry only the best in children’s hair care products.
    8. Incredible support for franchisees in Real Estate, Marketing and Operations
    9. KIDS love having fun in a Cookie Cutters and can’t wait to come back


    Hair Care

    Year started franchising


    Year business started


    Franchise units open


    Number of Company units open


    Investment Range  $

    $109K-210K US

    $128K-245K CAN

    Franchise fee  $

    $35K for single

    $65K for Three Pack

    Required liquid capital $

    $50K for single

    $75K for Three Pack

    Required net worth $

    $250K for single

    $300K for Three Pack



    Plus 1% Ad Fund Fee

    Industry size  $

    $55 Billion Haircare Industry

    Available in Canada/

    Canada- BC, AB, ON (select markets only)

    SBA Registry?


    VetFran/Minority Fran


    Offer Group Health Insurance?


    State Registrations

    No, but will register in a state where there is interest

    In House Financing?

    No in-house, but Third Party leasing options are available for equipment and build out.

    Buyer Motives


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