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    Liquid Capital Required: $500,000

    Zippy Shell Franchise Opportunity

    The Zippy Shell concept is an all-encompassing business opportunity that is changing the landscape of the storage and moving industries. We combine a low cost, customer friendly model with dynamic marketing strategies to enable you to build a successful & sustainable self-storage and moving franchise business.


    Our mission at Zippy Shell is to bridge the gap between the convenience offered by portable storage and moving and the cost effectiveness of the traditional dated models.



    Brand Strength


    The average American moves 11 times in their lifetime. On top of this, the moving and storage industry is highly fragmented, with limited brand recognition. Which is why the industry has shifted towards mobile storage and moving service solutions. The Zippy Shell solution not only provides this mobile service, but has also redefined the way this industry will operate. With the changing consumer demands towards on demand home service, Zippy Shell is uniquely positioned to meet these needs.


    One key differentiation between Zippy Shell’s service and its competitors is the shape and transportation method of the Zippy Shell container. Zippy Shell can transport the container directly to the customer’s residence or office, which is retrieved and either re- delivered or stored in the franchisee’s designated Zippy Shell warehouse. All containers are licensed and registered, which gives them accessibility to city streets and curb parking, unlike other models in the marketplace.



    Ideal Franchisee Profile


    Prior business ownership or C-Level Executive, financially secure, good understanding of sales and marketing, can be patient in growing a business


    Successful franchisees are people who are financially secure enough to build the business over time. You must be comfortable with owning assets and adding assets as your business grows.

    You would benefit from knowing what it takes to grow a business and knowing that you will need to build the local brand with support from the franchisor. We are looking for people who want to be part of a company that is disrupting two industries, storage and moving.


    Number and Types of Employees

    2-5 employees plus Marketing Manager


    Territory Description

    We offer protected territories based upon populations of typically 500k to 1.5M +


    Territory Availability

    USA and Canada


    State Registration

    All states except South Dakota, Hawaii and Alaska.



    Key Features and Competitive Advantage


    Zippy Shell Incorporated has developed a new and improved self-storage service, comprising of new equipment, management systems and marketing techniques.


    The Key Advantage with the Zippy Shell System is that it is approximately 50% more cost effective than alternative mobile storage companies to establish and operate. This allows services to be provided to the consumer at a more cost effective price. No longer is mobile storage seen as a premium service affordable to only a limited number of consumers.


    The Zippy Shell delivery system offers a unique advantage as well. A Zippy Shell Unit can be left on the street because it is a registered vehicle, where most competitors (such as PODS) are limited to delivery locations because they require a driveway or space on their premises. Zippy Shell can be delivered within city limits and anywhere a car may park. Today it is becoming increasingly more challenging to leave a storage container at residential locations. The Zippy Shell model offers far more mobility than the traditional models.


    Lastly, Zippy Shell has clear marketing and franchising expertise, which assists the franchisees in growing their businesses.



    Initial Training/Franchisee Support


    Training modules include:

    • Marketing, advertising and phone sales;
    • Software
    • All aspects of business logistics including container assembly and Zippy Shell Unit delivery


    This training takes place both, onsite at the franchisees warehouse location as well as at the corporate office. The training takes 5 days in total.


    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity