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    Liquid Capital Required: $50,000

    Property Management Franchise Opportunity




    ANSWER:  A property manager manages other people’s real estate assets.


    QUESTION:  “If you could be paid to manage $20+ million dollars of real estate assets, would you?  And if so, how much do you think someone would pay you to manage those assets?”


    With this in mind, consider that in August 2015 the median sales price of a home in the USA was $225,000 (Zillow), and if your property management company managed only 100 average homes, you would have more than $22,000,000 in assets-under-management.


    Our job is to help you do this, YOUR FIRST YEAR as a PMI franchisee!






    Because regardless of whether or not the real estate market is booming or busting, more than 1/3 of the nation’s population rents where they live.  And MANY of the owners of these properties NEED knowledgeable and professional property management services.


    What’s in it for you?  Well, are you Interested in a business that can provide consistent, year-in and year-out recurring, residual income that comes from assets other people own?  WE ARE! 






    When you think of a national sandwich shop, it’s Subway; plumber, it’s Roto-Rooter; oil change, it’s Jiffy Lube; property management; it’s ????


    It’s hard to believe that a national brand doesn’t exist for such an important industry, right?  But, we are working on it!  PMI has more than 100 franchises in 32 states, and we are using this national footprint to consolidate the property management industry.  And our growth is being recognized:


    • Entrepreneur Magazine – Top 100 Low Cost Franchises (August 2015);
    • Entrepreneur Magazine – Top 100 Fastest Growing Franchises (January 2015);
    • Entrepreneur Magazine – Top Franchise 500 (February 2015);
    • USA Today – Top 50 Franchises for Minorities (2014).






    According to Zillow, in 2013, the cumulative value of all of the nation’s residential properties exceeded $25.0 trillion dollars.  And in 2012, Prudential Real Estate Investors estimated that the value of all investment-grade commercial real estate was approximately $6.8 trillion dollars.  Many of our competitors (lacking the necessary resources/skills/technology/support/systems) neglect, in whole or in part, these markets with tens of trillions of dollars in assets.


    So, unlike virtually all of the nation’s other real estate services companies, PMI’s network of franchise offices builds businesses upon a foundation of residual, recurring revenues generated from the entire real estate industry (e.g. Residential, Commercial, Association Management, VRBO, etc.).






    The “Internet of Everything,” is transforming the real estate services landscape, and this provides PMI and YOU with a VERY BIG OPPORTUNITY.  With PMI, a property manager operates at an intersection between a tenant and a property owner, and like never before, has the ability to monetize these relationships into 50+ recurring revenue streams.


    So, whether you are a real estate professional or are just getting into the industry, our 6-week online Phase I training, 5-day onsite Phase II training, post-training PMiLaunch program, and ongoing training and support provide you with the tools/resources/systems you need to build a successful business.






    “When I started looking at investing in a property management franchise I wanted to find a franchise that would show me step-by-step how to grow my business. I wanted to know how I was going to get clients. The PMI Client Acquisition System did just that. PMI helped me double my portfolio in just six months, after being in the businesses for six years!” – Richard, Evansville, IN


    “When I started exploring the property management industry I had to decide if I was going to start a business from scratch or invest in a franchise. I am so glad that I went the franchise route, and I am especially glad that I chose the PMI franchise system. PMI is really a turn-key business. They had all the vendors in place for me, a complete knowledge base in the back office and software solutions are cutting edge in the franchise industry. My website is professional and my print materials are top-notch. I am thrilled with my new business.” – Dave, Richmond, VA


    “I researched several franchise opportunities and what attracted me to PMI is the fact that I can manage both commercial and residential properties. This gives me access to two industry markets, with trillions of dollars of assets. I just couldn’t find another opportunity as exciting as PMI.” – Mark, Indianapolis, IN


    Click Here to Select This Franchise Opportunity